How To Use A Bitcoin Casino for Free Bitcoin

This page pains me to create. Having been in the cryptocurrency world for a while now, I'm amazed at the number of scam sites and slimy people involved in the "Free Bitcoin" world. Let me set everyone straight right now. There is no legitimate way to earn significant amounts of Bitcoin playing games.  If you have literally nothing to do for hundreds of years, you can make a profit. However, you have to consider the amount of time you are investing in sites claiming to give free bitcoin vs. the amount of free bitcoin you are getting.

Everything I share on this page I have used to generate legitimate free Bitcoin. Let me explain what I mean by that. Legitimate free Bitcoin does not mean "get rich quick" or "earn a substantial profit."  Legitimate free Bitcoin means I have not spent a dime of real money and I have been able to earn fractions of Bitcoin (called Satoshis).  Very few of these (even after months of research) have provided enough Satoshis to make a withdrawal to a Bitcoin wallet so I still cannot claim that you will receive Bitcoin in your wallet by partaking in these activities.

However, that being said, some are legitimately fun.  If you choose to look into any of these sites, please do it as a novelty.  Do it because you find it fun and interesting -- not because you will be able to pay your kids college tuition.  The only real way to achieve financial independence in the cryptocurrency world is through good old fashion, buying, selling, trading and mining activities.

Enough talk here we go...

Best Bitcoin Betting Sites

Bitcoin gambling sites typically require money to be spent although some will give you free spins or bets or even free Satoshis to start your casino addiction but I've yet to find one that will allow withdrawal of any earnings without investing some of your own Bitcoin into the platform.

Bit Starz

Bit Starz is, hands down, one of the biggest most well known Bitcoin gambling sites on the Internet. Bit Starz is one of the only online sites that offers gambling options in addition to slots. They have table games and other "arcade style games" where you can win Bitcoin. Clicking on the link above will sign you up for a free account. That free account will get you 20 spins on a selection of their slot machines. My experience has been that you win more frequently than normal with the free spins but you can't cash out your winnings until you make a deposit of real bitcoin into your account.  Fun to play but is gambling at its finest.

Vegas Casino

Coming in second in my recommended Bitcoin casino sites is Vegas Casino.  Vegas Casino has a large selection of gambling options (just like Bit Starz) but they came in second because they don't offer any kind of "Free trial" like Bit Starz does. I dropped a few bucks in the casino and tested it out and the games were fun but I still think Bit Starz is a better solution because of the free trial they offer.

Best Bitcoin Faucets

So you may be asking yourself what the heck is a BTC faucet?  Put simply, a faucet is a site that gives you free Satoshis for no other reason than performing some action. Most times it's viewing an advertisement or solving a captcha.

On the surface, faucets seem too good to be true but when I show you some of the math behind them, you'll quickly realize they are more of a novelty for you and a huge revenue generator for the website operator.


Before we talk about which faucets I like, I will suggest you register for an account at

All the faucets below will synchronize your winnings to a single account (CoinPot).  This gives you a way to centralize your earnings and withdraw from a single place when you have enough to do so.

To The Moon Alice!


The moon faucets (,, are hands down my favorite.  They are the highest paying faucets I've found and they also give you several bonus options to earn additional coins.  There's a 1% daily loyalty bonus (every day you log in consecutively you get 1% on top of the faucet amount), a random mystery bonus and many more. These are a great addition to your morning routine. It takes no more than 5 minutes (most of that is solving captchas) and you can crank out quite a few Satoshi's every day.

Each of these sites has large quantities of advertisements.  Most of those advertisements are "pay per impression" which means the site owner gets paid every time one of the ads appears when you visit the site. The visitor doesn't have to click anything. This means that the more traffic the site gets, the more ads display, the more revenue generated for the website owner. This provides the revenue stream necessary for the website owners to pay out the micropennies they pay out every day.

Now let's take a look at the pitiful earnings you will get. On a good day, you will earn about 150 satoshis a day from the moonbitcoin site (for example).  This equates to less than $0.01 USD per day.  Since Bitcoin is the highest value of the three currencies above (Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin) this means you will be earning less than $0.03 PER DAY by visiting these sites. Combine that with the fact that the sites have a minimum payout value of around $20 and you can see it will be a significant amount of time before you receive actual cash in hand.

Other Ways To Earn Free Bitcoin

Dice Sites

Finally, there are what I call "Bitcoin Dice" sites. These are sites that basically let you roll the dice and guess "High" or "Low."  If you are right, you win.  If you are wrong, you lose. This is, in my mind, the worst solution available because most include a faucet component (to give you the seed money to gamble) but human nature's natural tendency for gambling makes it a rare event that you ever accumulate enough Bitcoin to make a withdrawal.  You'll find videos all over YouTube telling you how to beat the sites, but I've never met anyone who started from ZERO and made enough money from the dice sites to get a payout.


Primedice started operations in May 2013 and is often thought of as one of the pioneers of the bitcoin gambling sites. The Bitcointalk forums has a thread with more than 300 pages of positive feedback. It claims it is “the undisputed most popular and trusted bitcoin game in the world.”

freedogecoin and are two sites where I spent a significant amount of my time when I was first getting started. They give out free Satoshi simply for solving a captcha. You can perform this task once an hour and the amount you are given is directly related to the price of each coin at the time.

They are addictive because you can win extra depending on your roll.  For example, if you roll a 9999 (out of 10,000) you can win 0.00416660 (at the time of this writing) BTC.  Incredibly difficult but since there is no cost to play, you always go "What the hell."

Where these sites get you is in the automated betting. Betting once or twice is easy (and you tend to win a lot -- although the sites claim it is fair and random) but as soon as you start auto betting, the money disappears faster than it came in.

After several months of experimenting with these sites, I have yet to make any profit.



I saved my favorite way of earning free bitcoins for last.  Eobot is something I recently discovered and have been having a lot of fun with.  I don't know if the day will come where I ever receive money in my Bitcoin wallet from them but this is the first site I've found where I actually feel like I'm making progress at zero cost.

Eobot is a complicated site that isn't easily explained in a single paragraph. I recommend you search YouTube as there are tons of videos on Eobot and how to get it up and running.

Basically, Eobot is a web based mining platform.  They can mine any one of 24 different items. You start your Eobot journey by hitting their faucet once a day. Solve a simple captcha and you receive a small amount of whatever currency you have selected.  I recommend selecting the GPS cloud mining power. When you have some of this, you can use it to mine more GPS cloud mining power.

Rinse and repeat this cycle every day and, eventually, you will have enough cloud mining power to start mining Bitcoin, on autopilot, every day.

I will do a more in depth article on Eobot in the future. For now, YouTube is your friend.


I hope I have provided some insight on free bitcoin casinos / gambling / mining / dice sites I've found that are legitimate and don't require you to invest any of your own money. As I said, please consider these simply as novelties and time wasters.  You will never get rich from any of these sites (unless you are investing some of your own money into the programs).

These are great tools to learn more about cryptocurrency and how wallets work, etc. There will never be a substitute for the more traditional methods of acquiring large amounts of cryptocurrency (i.e. buying, selling, trading and mining).

So go out there, explore some of these sites and have fun!